5 Myths About Software

Mankind has been familiar with myths for centuries upon centuries. There are myths developed about anything and everything that exists within the world today, and software is no exception. In this article, we will be exploring five myths about software so keep on reading.

1. A Single Language Trumps All Others

You will most often see software developers exclaiming that the language they use trumps all others. Well, in reality, this is a complete myth as no single language is better than the other. In actuality, every single programming language has been made to serve a particular programming purpose, and so you can only find one that best suits the type of software you are developing. One can only gauge the usefulness of a language by using it with the appropriate programming task. In fact, there are certain programming tasks that may even require you to know several programming languages.

2. A Larger Team Will Help You Develop Your Software Much Faster

Another myth that exists is that if you’re running behind on schedule, you can always expand your team and develop the software much faster. In actuality, while this may work in the manufacturing industry, when it comes to software development, adding more people will seldom be of any use. In fact, by adding people, you could even run the risk of delaying the development. This is because of the fact that when you take more people on board, you will need to bring them up to speed, and the more time you spend on other tasks, the less time you spend actually developing your software. Of course, it can be done but should only be done in an incredibly planned way.

3. The Process of Developing a Software Is Predictable & Linear

One cannot simply take a blueprint, follow it step by step, and in the end, create software that meets all of the requirements. The process isn’t as straightforward as it might seem, which is why, nowadays, you will see software development teams spend a lot of time on the planning phase and aren’t able to provide a clear-cut time estimate on when their project will come to fruition. You will also see that software developers now favor more flexible developmental methods, which include the Scrum framework instead of the SDLC waterfall method, which is no longer applicable in most projects.

4. Programmers Only Have Knowledge on How to Write Code

This is one of the most common software myths that you will come across. Programming is an incredibly complex job and goes beyond just having knowledge on how to code. Not only must programmers know how to write code, but they should also have in-depth knowledge of the subject area and even other IT-related topics, such as working with domains. To get the job done effectively, they must know much more than coding.

5. In-House Developers Are Better Than Remote Developers

Some corporations looking for a team to develop their software believe that a remote team of developers will be much harder to manage and, therefore, not do a good job when compared to an in-house team of developers. This is definitely a myth and even more so due to the integration of technology with our daily business communications.