Do You Really Need an Anti-Virus Software for Your Computer?

Thinking of a virus infecting your computer can be a scary thought. In recent times due to the new software updates, a lot of devices don’t require an antivirus system as such. However, the fear of cyberattacks and all can still greatly worry a lot of people, so read on further below to know if you need an antivirus software on your devices or not.

What Is an Anti-Virus Software?

This is a software that was designed to scan and fight off any kind of malicious activity. It will help your computer to stay protected from different types of cyber threats. Once installed, this software can keep updating on its own to the latest versions.

How Does Antivirus Work?

To know if you need to download an antivirus software, it’s important first to understand how this software does its job. It consists of a database of known different malware and scans the files and websites of your computer against it to see if there are any threats or not. Apart from the already present database, it can also detect the presence of any new malware. If any virus is found, then it’ll automatically remove it from your device so that it doesn’t get infected.

There are different ways with how this software works to protect your phones and computers. A few of these include:

  • Database: The information about numerous malwares pre-exist in the built-in database, which it’ll scan your computer against to see if there are any viruses present or not.
  • Heuristic technique: Hackers can disguise malicious software in files that seem safe, so with the help of this technique, any files with viruses encrypted inside can be filtered out.
  • Behavioral Detection: If the files seem to be doubtful and are caught releasing unfamiliar codes, then the antivirus software blocks it off.

Do You Need to Install an Anti-Virus Software?

These days, most of the devices made, such as iOS, Windows, etc., come with already built-in antivirus programs. Some of these programs, especially iPhones, have strong security systems which are hard to be infected by any virus, so you may have the question in your head whether you really need to install additional protection or not.

Generally speaking, downloading an antivirus software will cause you no harm. It’ll only add to the already present antivirus system for the protection of your device. However, it is important to know that there are different types of antivirus software available, some are weaker than others, so it’s essential to pick the right one.

There are new types of viruses that are being made every single day, which your already built-in version software might not pick up. In addition, some operating systems such as Windows are more susceptible to being infected by viruses or malware as compared to others, so if you use it, then it’s best if you install an antivirus software.

So, whether you want to install an antivirus software is totally up to you. Still, it’s recommended that you do as with the development of new viruses; it’s best to have advanced security on your devices.