Useful apps for college students

Before the pandemic outbreak, smartphone serves as the new planner and everyday best friend of the students, serving as a virtual repository for files, important dates, and other information. However, unlike the traditional planner, there are a plethora of add-ons available in the form of mobile applications designed specifically for college students.

And, now that some of the classes are being delivered online, students are making the most of their technological resources. Having an understanding of what apps to install is essential for virtually leading the learning process.

Becoming a college student is a challenging experience. Similarly, there is a great deal of new complex information that needs to be absorbed, also there is a huge responsibility but with a limited time. Because technology has advanced so much, chances are there is an app for almost any challenge you may be facing right now. Here is the list of apps that will make your college experience more convenient and efficient.

1. Google docs

The first application on the list is google docs. This is something I believe you’ve heard about or have seen before, but here’s what you need to know and why would you install it. Google docs are easy to navigate and it provides a highlight of its function which is mainly to write. Another key aspect of this application that is worthy to note is that it goes away with all the additional capabilities that the Microsoft Word interface provides.

2. Forest

What if I told you about a cool thing an app could do? For whatever you’re doing at the moment, whether you’re working, studying, or hanging out with your friends, the forest is an app that will keep you focused. This app will prevent you from checking your socials and other unnecessary things that get in your way of doing urgent things. Forest features have an interesting method to help you stay focused and beat the habit of procrastination. These are common benefits that forests can offer.

  • Deep focus
  • Plant trees via the forest app
  • Allows customization based on your priorities
  • It shows your productivity in your forest history
  • Track progress

3. Goodnotes

If you are an ios person, this app would definitely be accessible on your reach. Create a digital notebook with Goodnotes and fill it with pages of digital notes, anytime and anywhere. Instead of being restricted to a blank page or a lined page, students can personalize the background by choosing from a variety of line paper, graphing paper, and even custom images tailored to their liking.

4. Grammarly

To write a brilliant essay, you just need Grammarly, a free online writing assistant. To maximize its great features, you can subscribe to their premium subscription at a justifiable price. Whereas it is possible to find the right tone for any project by going beyond a simple spell-check. When you use Grammarly’s keyboard app, it’s like having a personal assistant who double-checks and fixes every email, text, and social media post and get the most of the benefits when you use it on your academic papers.

5. Google Calendar

You don’t want to miss out on your schedule right? Keep track of your to-do list and your deadlines with google calendar. Google calendar is the ideal app for keeping track of your hectic daily schedule. It can be used to keep track of your classes, deadlines, club meetings, and other things.

Google calendar for iOS can be found in the Apple App Store, and Google calendar for android can be found in the Google Play Store.

6. Cam Scanner

Cam Scanner is a portable scanner that can be taken with you wherever you go. You can submit handwritten assignments such as lab reports online using the app because it saves every picture you take as pdf. You can sign up for a trial, after which you will be charged $59.99 per year to use the premium features.

7. Quizlet

It is known that flashcards are one of the most basic yet effective tools that you can and should keep on hand when you want to ace your exams. Sure, you might think that it is a traditional old school and boomers are the only ones who made use of these. There is, however, no better method of assisting you in learning new vocabulary and retaining information as well as memorizing key concepts for an upcoming exam than the usage of flashcards.

8. Chegg

The good news is that, thanks to Chegg because students no longer have to worry about paying for expensive textbooks. Obtaining your textbooks will be as simple as downloading an app and entering course information. As an added bonus, Chegg offers flashcards and will check your papers for plagiarism if you wish to. For those who require additional assistance, a study app and a math solver are readily accessible.

9. Spotify

Spotify, without a doubt, is one of the best music streaming platforms available today. For &4.99/month, college students can get a discount on premium access. With Spotify, you can listen to all of your favorite songs while also creating your own playlists to share with others. However, there are some excellent study playlists available, such as lofi music to uplift your study mood.

10. Google Drive

We already have the Google Suite, which includes our Gmail accounts, giving it a significant advantage over the competition. With google docs, sheets, and slides it is now easier to collaborate with classmates on group works. At the end of every task, you can upload it to the google drive shared folder that everyone in your class can access including your professor.